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Here you can find my current collection. The books are listed by author. At the end you can also find a wanted list, which list older mystery books still missing from my collection. Please not the want list does not include most recently published golf mystery books. Feel free to contact me if you think some books are missing from the listings. Please also see my page for authors and publishers. 

Collection per 1.4.2021    

Author        Title

Adams, Herbert >>>>>> Queens Mate
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> Death Of The Fairway
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> Death On the First Tee
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> The Golf House Murder
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> The Nineteenth Hole Mystery
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> The Secret of the Bogey House
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> The Secret of the Bogey House
Adams, Herbert >>>>>> The Body in The Bunker
Aird, Catherine >>>>>> Hole In One
Allen, Leslie >>>>>> Murder In The Rough
Allen, Leslie >>>>>> Murder In The Rough - Mord i det Gröna
Anderson W W >>>>>> Kill One Kill Two
Atkins, Charles >>>>>> Riskfactor
Ball, Brian >>>>>> Death of a Low Handicap Man
Balkind Michael >>>>>> Sudden Death
Barlett, James Y. >>>>>> Death at The Member Guest
Barlett, James Y. >>>>>> Death from Ladies Tee
Barlett, James Y. >>>>>> Death in a Green Jacket
Barlett, James Y. >>>>>> Death is a Two Stroke Penalty
Baxter, Gregory >>>>>> Calamit Comes of Age
Bently, E.C. >>>>>> Trent Intervenes
Bently, E.C. >>>>>> Trents Last Case
Bently, E.C. >>>>>> Trents Own Case
Berg, D. E >>>>>> Hole In One
Bernhardt, William >>>>>> Final Round
Black, Lionel >>>>>> The Rumainian Circle
Blewitt, Chris >>>>>> Deep Rough
Borissow, Michael >>>>>> The Naked Fairway
Borthwick, J. S. >>>>>> Murder in The Rough
Bove, Mike >>>>>> Stinger Maguire
Bove, Mike >>>>>> Willowtree
Breaznell, Gene >>>>>> Deadly Divots
Brown, Bob >>>>>> Golf is Murder
Bruff, Nancy >>>>>> The County Club
Bream, Fred >>>>>> The Vicar Investigates
Brock, Lynn >>>>>> Colonel Gore's Second Case
Bryan, Mike >>>>>> Dogleg Madness
Burton, Miles >>>>>> Tragedy At The 13th Hole
Bush, Christopher >>>>>> The Case Of The Missing Green Hat
Cake, Patrik >>>>>> The Pro-am Murder
Canning, Victor >>>>>> The Limbo Line
Casely, Dennis >>>>>> Death Under Par
Causey, James O. >>>>>> Killer Take All
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> 4:50 From Paddington
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> 4:50 från Paddington
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> The Boomerang Clue
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Endless Night
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Pocket Full of Rye
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Pocket Full of Rye - En ficka full med råg
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Klockan K
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Klockan K
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder In The Mews
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder On The Links
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder On The Links
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder On The Links-Golfkenttä murha
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder On The Links-Golfkenttä murha
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Murder On The Links-Vem var den skyldige
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> The Seven Dials Mystery
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Towards Zero
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Why did'nt they Ask Evans
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Why did'nt they Ask Evans
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Why did'nt they Ask Evans
Christie, Agatha >>>>>> Why did'nt they Ask Evans - Varför bad the inte Evans
Coben, Harlan >>>>>> Backspin
Collier, Basil >>>>>> Local Thunder
Comfort, Barbara >>>>>> Cashmere Kid
Conor, Daly >>>>>> Buried Lies
Conor, Daly >>>>>> Local Knowledge
Conor, Daly >>>>>> Local Knowledge
Conor, Daly >>>>>> Outside Agency
Cooney, Caroline B. >>>>>> Sand Trap
Corrigan John R. >>>>>> Cut Shot
Corrigan John R. >>>>>> Snap Hook
Corrigan John R. >>>>>> Center Cut
Corrigan John R. >>>>>> Out Of Bounds
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Dead Ball
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Laid Dead
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Unnatural Hazard
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Unnatural Hazard
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Winter Rules
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Winter Rules
Cork, Barry >>>>>> Endangered Species
Craig, Philip R. >>>>>> Dean In Vineyard Sand
Crawford, Ian >>>>>> Scare The Gentle Citizen
Cruickshank, Charles >>>>>> The Tang Murders
Dahler, Don >>>>>> A Tight Lie
Dahler, Don >>>>>> Water Hazard
Daly, Elisabeth >>>>>> Unexpected Night
Dane, Joel Y >>>>>> Murder Cum Laude
Daniels, Philipp >>>>>> The Dracula Murders
Devine, Dominic >>>>>> Three Green Bottles
Devine, Dominic >>>>>> Three Green Bottles - Tre Flickor i Chalford
Dexter, Ted & Makins >>>>>> Deadly Putter
Dickson, Carter >>>>>> My Late Wifes
Dickson, Carter >>>>>> My Late Wifes - Mina Framtida Fruar
Diehl, Lesley A. >>>>>> Dumpster Dying
Dods, Marcus >>>>>> The Bunker At The Fifth
Dods, Marcus >>>>>> The Bunker At The Fifth
DuBois, William >>>>>> Te Case Of The Deadly Diary
Duke, Will >>>>>> Fair Prey
Dunnett, Dorothy >>>>>> Dolly and The Doctor Bird
Dunnett, Dorothy >>>>>> Match For A Murdered
Duire, Bruve >>>>>> The Murder of Youn Tom Morris
Egan KJ >>>>>> Where It Lies
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron >>>>>> A wicked Slice
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron >>>>>> Rotten Lies
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron >>>>>> Nasty Break
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron >>>>>> Where Have All the Birdes Gone
Elkins, Charlotte&Aaron >>>>>> On The Fringe
Ellroy, James >>>>>> Brown's Requiem
Engelman, Paul >>>>>> Murder In-Law
Evans, Thomas P >>>>>> Murder on the 17th Hole
Fairly, Gerard >>>>>> Men For Counters
Fairly, Gerard >>>>>> Mr Malcom Presents
Fairly, Gerard >>>>>> Shot In The Dark
Ferrars, Elizabeth >>>>>> The Seven Sleepers
Flemming, Ian >>>>>> Dr. No
Fletcher JS >>>>>> False Scent
Flynn, Bill >>>>>> The Feathery
Flynn, J M >>>>>> Terror Tournament
Francis, Dick >>>>>> To the Hilt
Frome, David >>>>>> The Strange Death of Martin Green
Frome, David >>>>>> The Murder On The Sixth Hole
Fox, Peter >>>>>> Kensington Gore
Fuller, Timothy >>>>>> Reunion with Murder
Furlong, Nicola >>>>>> Teed Off
Gibbins, James >>>>>> Sudden Death
Gratton, John J. >>>>>> Sand Trapped
Gray, Jonathan >>>>>> The Owl
Gregson, J. M >>>>>> Just Dessert
Gregson, J. M >>>>>> Murder At The Nineteenth
Gregson, J. M >>>>>> S. Holmes & The Frightend Golfer
Gregson, J. M >>>>>> Death on the Eleventh Hole
Gregson, J. M >>>>>> Dead On Course
Greig, Ian >>>>>> The Kings Club Murder
Greig, Ian >>>>>> The Silver King Mystery
Grierson, Francis >>>>>> Boomerang Murder
Gunn, Elisabeth >>>>>> Par Four
Gunn, John >>>>>> Water Hazard
Gutherie, Robert V. >>>>>> The Golf Club Murders
Hallberg, William >>>>>> The Rub of the Green
Hallberg, William >>>>>> The Rub of the Green
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> A Deadly Lie
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> Dead on Line
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> Death Trap
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> Shadows on the Green
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> Sudden Death
Hamer, Malcom >>>>>> Sudden Death - Farligt Närspel
Hamilton, Patrick >>>>>> Hangover Square
Hanson, Rick >>>>>> Splitting Heirs
Heller, Jane >>>>>> The Club
Highsmith, Patricia >>>>>> Mermaids On The Golf Course
Highsmith, Patricia >>>>>> Merenneitoja golfkentällä (Finnish)
Hill, Reginald >>>>>> Roar of the Butterflies
Hunt, Richard >>>>>> The Man Trap
Hunter, NC >>>>>> Loosing Hazard
Hutcherson, Horace >>>>>> The Lost Golfer
Ingo, Martin >>>>>> Stone Dead
Innes, Michael >>>>>> An Awkward Lie
Islieb, Roberta >>>>>> A Buried Lie
Islieb, Roberta >>>>>> Final Fore
Islieb, Roberta >>>>>> Putt to Death
Islieb, Roberta >>>>>> Six Strokes Under
Jardine, Quentin >>>>>> Skinner's Round
Jamesson, Peter >>>>>> Unplayable Lie
Jerome, Owen Fox >>>>>> The Golf Club Murder
Jepson, Selwyn >>>>>> The Mystery Of The Rabbits Paw
Johnson, Owen >>>>>> Murder In Any Degree
Katz, Jamie >>>>>> A Summer for Dying
Keating, H.R.F. >>>>>> The Body in the Billard Room
Keene, Carolyn >>>>>> The Haunted Bridge
Kennealy, Jerry >>>>>> Polo Anyone
Kennealy, Jerry >>>>>> Polo In The Rough
Kennealy, Jerry >>>>>> Polo Solo
Kenyon, Michael >>>>>> The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Kilbourn, Donald >>>>>> Murder on The 17th Green
Knox, Bill >>>>>> The Killing Game
Knox, Bill >>>>>> The Man In The Bottle
Knox, Ronald A >>>>>> The Viaduct Murder
Kuhn, RD >>>>>> Par For The Course
Law, Jane >>>>>> Death Under Par
Leonard, Elmore >>>>>> The Switch
Leopold, Anders >>>>>> Döden Peggar Upp (Swedish)
Lockridge, Richard >>>>>> Murder Can't Wait
Lorrimer, Claire >>>>>> Over My Dead Body
Lorrimer, Claire >>>>>> Dead Center
Louge, John >>>>>> A Rain of Death
Louge, John >>>>>> Follow the Leader
Louge, John >>>>>> Murder on the Links
Louge, John >>>>>> On Par With Murder
Louge, John >>>>>> The Feathery Touch of Death
Lunemann, Evelyn >>>>>> Fairway Danger
Malling, Arthur >>>>>> Go-Between
Malling, Arthur >>>>>> Lamber's Son
Marshall, R. >>>>>> The Haunted Major
Martin, David N >>>>>> Under a Lemon Moon
MacVicar, Angus >>>>>> The Painted Doll Affair
McCutcheon, Hugh >>>>>> A Brand For The Burning
McInery, Ralph >>>>>> Cause and Effect
McInery, Ralph >>>>>> Green Thumb
McInery, Ralph >>>>>> Law and Ardor
McInery, Ralph >>>>>> Lying Tree
McNab, Claire >>>>>> Death Club
McVicar, Angus >>>>>> Murder at The Open
McVicar, Angus >>>>>> The Hammers of Fingal
Melville, Alan >>>>>> The Vicar In Hell
Miles, K. >>>>>> Bermuda Grass
Miles, K. >>>>>> Bullet Hole
Miles, K. >>>>>> Double Eagle
Miles, K. >>>>>> Double Eagle
Miles, K. >>>>>> Flagstick
Miles, K. >>>>>> Green Murder
Miles, K. >>>>>> Honolulu Play-Off
Miron, Charles >>>>>> Murder On The 18th Hole
Montville, Leigh >>>>>> The Mysterious Montague
Moriarty, Jim >>>>>> Open Season
Moyes, Patricia >>>>>> The Cocconut Killings
Moxley, Frank Wright >>>>>> The Glassy Pond
Mucha, Susan P >>>>>> Deadly Deception
Natsuki, Shizuko >>>>>> The Orbituary Arrives At Two O'clock
O'Kane, Leslie >>>>>> Just the Fax Ma'am
Olseni & Hansen >>>>>> Fågelskådaren (Swedish)
Oppenheimer, Phillip >>>>>> General Besserley's Second Puzzle B
Oppenheimer, Phillip >>>>>> Lost Leader
Oppenheimer, Phillip >>>>>> Mr. Marx Secert
Oppenheimer, Phillip >>>>>> The Vanished Messenger
Orason, Roy >>>>>> Golf Twins / Golf Heist
Payes, Rachel >>>>>> O Charitable Death
Pelham, Anthony & Donna >>>>>> Twisted Links
Philbrick, W.R. >>>>>> Slow Dancer
Platt, Kin >>>>>> Murder in Rosslane
Platt, Kin >>>>>> The Kissing Gurami
Potter, Jerry Allen >>>>>> If I Should Die Before I Wake
Rocke, William >>>>>> Operation Birdie
Rocke, William >>>>>> All To Play For
Ross, Charles >>>>>> The Haunted Seventh
Ross, Jonathan >>>>>> A Time for Dying
Rutherford, Douglas >>>>>> A Game of Sudden Death
Shaw, Joseph >>>>>> Out of the Rough
Shefchik, Rick >>>>>> Amen Cornen
Shore, Julian >>>>>> Rattle In His Bones
Sherve Robert F >>>>>> The Wanton Wedge
Sjöholm, Elsa >>>>>> Mordet På Golfklubben
Skeppare, Åke >>>>>> Sudden Death
Smith, Paul >>>>>> The Zen Golf Murder
Snaith, John Collins >>>>>> Lord Cobbleigh Disapears
Sprissler, Kathleen Kelly >>>>>> Par for the Corpse
Steele, Chester K >>>>>> The Golf Course Mystery
Steele, Chester K >>>>>> The Golf Course Mystery
Stewart, Walter >>>>>> Hole In One
Stout, Rex >>>>>> Fer de Lance
Stout, Rex >>>>>> Fer de Lance
Tyler, Lee >>>>>> The Case Of The Missing Links
Tyler, Lee >>>>>> The Clue Of The Clever Canine
Tyler, Lee >>>>>> The Teed Off Ghost
Tyrer, Walter >>>>>> Such Friends Are Dangerous
Upton, Robert >>>>>> Dead on Stick
Upton, Robert >>>>>> Dead on Stick
Von Elser, Don >>>>>> A Bullet For Your Dreams
Verron, Robert >>>>>> The Country Club Murder
Wade, Don >>>>>> Take Dead Aim
Walles, Hubert >>>>>> The Brocklebank Riddle
Walles, Hubert >>>>>> The Thirty Days
Webb-Curtis C and Hammon D >>>>>> The Diva's Demise
West John B. >>>>>> Bullets Are My Business
Williams, David >>>>>> Wedding Treasure
Williams, David >>>>>> Unholy Writ
Williams, Philip Carlton >>>>>> The Tartan Murders
Wynne Anthony >>>>>> Death Of A Golfer
Zimmerman, Bruce >>>>>> Crimson Green

Kreutz, Gregg >>>>>> Death By Golf (Theather Play Script)
Stewart, Hal D >>>>>> The Crime In The Club House (Theather) 

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